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Presentation Length

Seeds of Hope 2024 presentations range from 60 to 90 minutes on average. For attendees to get the most out of each presentation, we ask that you include an activity with your presentation to allow young women an opportunity to process the material. This activity can be in the form of a group activity, individual work or simply answering reflection questions. Assistance with the creation of this activity is available.


Seeds of Hope provides an honorarium to program speakers. Please provide your address for generation of payment:


Seeds of Hope provides for speaker travel expenses. Seeds of Hope can make your travel arrangements for you. If you make your own travel arrangements, you will need to provide receipts and an address where we can mail reimbursement.

Who would you like to make your travel arrangements:


Speakers that are not local stay and dine at Maryville Retreat Center in Holly, MI. More specific information about accommodations and meals will be provided later.

Speaker Biography and Photo

Biography: provide a biography of 50-100 words summarizing your education and/or professional experience. If you need guidance writing your biography, contact Cheryl Hufnagel at 724-650-7936

Photo: upload your professional photo at the highest resolution available. If your photo is not suitable, we will contact you.

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Or email, call or text Cheryl Hufnagel at and 724-650-7936.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

Have a blessed day!

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