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Erricka Bridgeford

Ceasefire Baltimore

In 2007, Erricka’s  brother murdered. In response to her pain, she adopted the motto, “Live out loud…. regardless, despite, and because…” In the months that followed her brother’s death, she began doing stand-up comedy to address society’s reaction to her being born with only one hand. As she excelled in the Baltimore comedy scene, she realized and accepted that her purpose was not a joking matter. In 2009, Erricka took her public persona to a deeper level, and became an Inspirational Speaker. She became an activist to repeal the death penaltyand speaks about how forgiveness, not revenge, has been the power in her family’s healing process. Erricka’s voice was said to be the key that unlocked the hearts of several key Senators, and MD’s death penalty was repealed. 

Bridgeford realized her voice matters within the larger criminal justice arena. She began motivating people with quotes like, "Your voice matters", and "One voice makes a difference". Yet, there was more to come.

Senator Gladden expressed that Bridgeford’s contributions and voice on the matters of murder victims' family members were the catalysts for the bill. In April 2014, SB0512 was signed into law. Erricka Bridgeford (using the experience of David's murder) inspired a law that will help murder victims' families get the support they need, from a newly structured CICB, who will include someone who UNDERSTANDS what families of homicide experience.

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