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To apply you will need a list of activities in which you participate, 3 references and a 250-word essay that answers the question “Why would you like to attend? Introduce yourself and let us know what you hope to gain from this experience.”


April 15: Registration deadline

May 1: Candidates will be notified of acceptance

May 15: $300 program fee due


Primary Parent/Guardian

Add Second Parent/Guardian

Applicant must have health insurance to attend Seeds of Hope, please confirm that the applicant named above has health insurance or is able to get health insurance coverage before July 1, 2024. 


One reference must be a current teacher or guidance counselor. The other two may be a teacher, coach, or supervisor. References should not be family/relatives. Get permission from your references before listing their names and contact information here.

Reference #1: 

Reference #2: 

Reference #3: 


List activities you are involved in, such as: school clubs, sports, music, volunteer work, jobs, caring for a sibling.

Why Would You Like To Attend?

Introduce yourself and let us know what you hope to gain from this experience in approximately 250 words.

the work in this essay is the applicant‘s own and any help from outside parties was limited to proofreading/editing only, and that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided above is accurate.

We've received your application!
Thank you!

If the travel or registration fee present financial hardship to your family, please email for a financial assistance application.


to attend Seeds of Hope

Scholarships Available.

Young women can request an application at

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